Creative Birthday Parties…

What better way is there to celebrate a birthday than to make something! Perfect for those 8yrs and over, when they would like to do something a bit different! Invite up to 10 (minimum of 5)  of your besties to join you on your special day.

I deck out the studio with balloons, and turn the fairy lights on (because when your an artist it’s not unusual to keep things like this up all year!) There’s a bar fridge, candles and tables at your disposal to bring along your favourite party and the all important cake. I set the music to the birthday kid’s must have soundtrack. Then with the scene set we get to play in an art project of your choice!

*Unfortunately, birthday parties are on hold until Covid has passed*


Clay Parties…

There are projects to make mugs, coil build a dish, or make some ceramic jewellery. It’s up to you what you’d like to try!

I’ll guide you through, from inspiration to the making and finally painting your works of art.

The work will stay with me to be glazed and fired. Then, about 4 weeks later they will be ready to collect! I package them up, so every guest will receive their ‘party bag’ with what they made inside!


Printing Parties…

Screen print a tote bag, or bring along some t-shirts and we can print to them instead! I have screens ready to go with imagery, lots of coloured ink and all the tricks you need to know about how to do this yourself!

We begin by learning how to print; we’ll make a card or two and get the hang of it. Then, we’ll start printing designs to your material of choice!

We’ll give them a chance to dry… while you cut a cake or enjoy being with your friends. Then all your creations will go into a ‘party bag’ ready to show off to your family when home!

*Kids Birthday Parties are currently postponed due to COVID*