Kids Workshops


Weekly Kids Art Classes

1 hour classes Tuesday or Thursdays
9week term

 2-3 Projects each term developed from term theme PLUS plenty of experimental learning in 2D and 3D art forms

Weekly Teens Art Classes
All Highschoolers
1 hour classes Mondays
9 week term
2-3 Projects each term
based on student interest  plus
plenty of experimental learning across various art forms

Home School art classes

 For kids 7-15 years
1.5 hour classes
8 week term

2-3 Projects earch term derrived from the terms theme PLUS experimental learnings across 2D and 3D art forms

Holiday Kids Program
Each holiday has a different program, but there’s always some kids wheel throwing on offer!


The Place for your Emerging Artist…

“Its so heart warming to have someone see your child for exactly who they are. My daughter absolutely LOVES coming to art and we are so appreciative of your time, patience and effort”
Rebecca B.

“I Love art class because you are so helpful and fun and I learn something from you every lesson”
Miss L




All Kids are Artists!

We honestly believe all kids are born artists, but they aren’t always taught how to listen to their inner voice. We love guiding your artist to find who they are, what they love, and learn to be confident in their ideas. Through open ended activities and projects, your artist is able to develop their style in the supportive atmosphere of our workshops.


Join Us Each Term or Holiday!