There’s a few different types of visual art people that perhaps you’ll relate to. If you are looking into a career in the arts or creative fields, this is a great way to think about your skill set! When I introduce myself there’s always much interest when I say I’m an artist! The conversations usually head in the direction of talking about each persons creative lives, their artistic abilities, childhood memories.. a mix of good and bad experiences. Many have had that teacher who told them they were either amazing or just terrible at art…or maybe you went to a class only to realise you were out of your league. I actually get really annoyed when people make off the cuff remarks about a persons creative abilities that are detrimental. I think that’s part of the spark that led me down this path of inspiring you to pick up your creative tools once more and use them!

Here’s what I believe, you were made in the image of the Creator God, and so you must be creative too! But perhaps your creativity isn’t with a pencil or paintbrush..  For many it’s a hobby (and a great one!) but it could also be a career – so here’s a little insight into what you may do on a more professional level with your creative skills.

DESIGNERS  – those who put things together effortlessly. Perhaps as a kid you were great with collage- putting colours, shapes, textures together on different scales. These people may be an interior designer or decorator, maybe even a chef at heart!

SCULPTORS – work well with their hands bringing things together! They are the cake decorators, potters, the florists, gardeners, the builders…

COLOUR – Some just get colour, like on a different level! They can mix colours effortlessly, they can arrange colours differently. they can see the difference between 100 different colours of white and know which is good for each situation. They may be graphic designers, hairdressers, work in interior design..

DETAILS – some see details, some of us are quite analytical… great for analytical drawing, perhaps engineering even! (or even programming!)

Most of these overlap in many ways… and I’ve probably missed many (because there’s music, movement and other areas too… ) but I hope you get the idea. Just the sheer fact you’ve read this far means you somehow relate! 

Anyway, embrace your creative self. You may not be able to paint a Mona Lisa but try to embrace your creative – ness, whatever it is!