Everyone is unique. We have our favourite colours, our go to brands. Many teaching artists will give you their supply list, and for most beginners, we diligently follow what they suggest (colours, brand, brushes…) The problem comes when its an online workshop and they’re in a different country. Which supplies are similar here? Or, you buy it and you don’t use it or don’t like it and its now taking up highly coveted cupboard space!

Here’s some questions to ask to find out what you like first!

  1. What kinds of artworks are you drawn to, inspired by.
  2. take some in person workshops if possible, bonus points if the place supplies the supplies! It takes the guess work, and investment out for you.
  3. Hang out in the art & craft shops, some will have products you can try before purchase. That’s your invite to Play! Some will even have reps who visit and share the products with you.
    (Can you see my logic here, try as many things as you can before investing in the product itself! A few wrong investments really do add up)
  4. Are you going through a phase, or is this the one? Many I know are serial creative workshop attendees. This is wonderful, your trying to find your thing! Do this for a while, until you find the one that makes you come alive. Then invest.
  5. Asking shop attendants can be a bit hit and miss. In specialist stores, the people are experts in their field and should give you sound advice. The more generic the shop, the more generic the advice.
  6. Pick and choose where to invest first. Always buy the best you can afford at the time. Remember there are supplies you can go cheap on and doesn’t make a huge difference to start. Buy the good paint, but use economical brushes. Buy appropriate paper or canvases for the task. As you learn and get better, you can invest in new areas. Ask the professionals where they’d invest first and go with that.
  7. Avoid the trends!! Ok, this is hard, especially if your a scrapbook person! All the gizmo’s and gadgets are truly enticing. They are made that way.