Adult Workshops


Pottery courses


Beginner to intermediate
4 or 6 week courses available
one off taster session available

Hand building Courses

Beginner friendly
One off weekend sessions
More opportunities to come in 2021!

Printmaking and Bookbinding


and plenty more are coming
to 2021!
Watch your inbox for release dates

Escape the Every Day!…

We lead such busy lives so adult workshops are designed to give you a few hours away from the chaos and listen to your inner artistic voice. I guide you through the designated project, however there is a lot of scope for you to add your own interpretations so what you make is unique to you.

Weekend Opportunities

Great for when you feel the need for creativity! Come along to my studio and chill while we create.
Clay, Printmaking & Bookbinding sesssions  They happen intermittently throughout the year on weekends, 3 hours of creative bliss!



Short Courses

Take your creative time to the next level with weekly art classes!

Weekly Pottery Classes run all year round
with more selections coming soon